Friday, July 19, 2013

Ron Hershco – The famous real estate tycoon!

Ron Hershco is a renowned real estate personality who is popular for building luxurious yet affordable housing and condos, in New York City. Apart from that, he is also an active philanthropist, as well as a runner, who has participated in several national and international marathons. Ron started off his career in this field in 1992. He was so good at his work that he soon became the leading source of revenue for his company. Eventually he decided to put his knowledge on a higher level, and established his very own company Universal Homes, which has built several skyscrapers throughout Brooklyn.

One of the most popular projects that his company has executed is the Meridian, a Long Beach condominium. The Meridian offers luxury apartments, and has been designed by the firm’s Newman Design. This luxurious multi-story building overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.