Saturday, December 21, 2013

Brooklyn’s Ron Hershco has revolutionized the real-estate industry

Ron Hershco with his innovative and unique ideas has brought about lots of changes, to the real estate industry.

Throughout his career, Ron Hershco has overseen the development of several urban projects which include; large consortium complexes and affordable residential housing in New York.

Major building projects that clearly reveal Ron’s skills in his respective field include; 306 Gold Street which is a huge 40 story glass building and The Meridian, which is a contemporary building situated along the Long Beach boardwalk.

Renowned real estate tycoon, Ron Hershco is also an enthusiastic philanthropist. He donated a building for the Queens School Development. His work with the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, which is a charity founded by Russell Simmons to provide art education to youngsters, is commendable.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Ron Hershco - A Philanthropist and a Successful Real Estate Developer

Ron Hershco is one of the most popular real estate developers in New York.  He has gained a lot of popularity for his work in developing many cities across the USA.

In 1992, at the beginning of his career, he worked in a real estate agency and in no time he received lots of appreciation for been the company’s top revenue producer.

After reaching such heights of success, he established his own company in 1996.  Ron has handled many major projects such as The Meridian and many more.

Apart from being a successful property developer, Mr. Hershco is also a philanthropist who has supported many charitable organizations and has participated in many marathons in New York and Boston making him popular worldwide.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ron Hershco: A Successful Real Estate Developer, Passionate Runner and Philanthropist

Ron Hershco is a renowned real estate developer. He is well known for the many projects that he has developed throughout New York.

He is focused on developing affordable houses and condominiums in New York, so that the people of the city can easily fulfill their wish of buying a beautiful house in the NY area.

Mr. Hershco is not only a successful real estate developer, but also a philanthropist who has donated lots of money to many charities. His contribution to the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation has helped in improving many areas of Brooklyn.

Aside from this, Mr. Hershco is also an active runner, and has participated in numerous marathons in New York and Boston.

With his hard work, strong determination and dedication, Ron Hershco has become an inspiration for many.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ron Hershco - the maker of magnificent condominiums across New York

Ron Hershco is a renowned real estate entrepreneur, who is known for building several luxurious, yet affordable condominiums in New York. He lives in Long Island with his wife and four children.

Ron has been a part of this industry for more than a decade. Aside from being a successful business tycoon, he is also an enthusiastic runner who has participated in several marathons. Ron is also an active philanthropist, who is engaged in many charitable trusts.

In 1992, Ron began his journey as a professional, with a real estate company. He soon became an outstanding employee, who brought huge benefits to the company. Later on he established his very own company called, Universal Homes.

One of the biggest projects for which he is most popular is the Meridian, a luxury residential condo in Long Island, NY which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. The Meridian boasts of providing top-notch contemporary amenities.... See more at here

Friday, July 19, 2013

Ron Hershco – The famous real estate tycoon!

Ron Hershco is a renowned real estate personality who is popular for building luxurious yet affordable housing and condos, in New York City. Apart from that, he is also an active philanthropist, as well as a runner, who has participated in several national and international marathons. Ron started off his career in this field in 1992. He was so good at his work that he soon became the leading source of revenue for his company. Eventually he decided to put his knowledge on a higher level, and established his very own company Universal Homes, which has built several skyscrapers throughout Brooklyn.

One of the most popular projects that his company has executed is the Meridian, a Long Beach condominium. The Meridian offers luxury apartments, and has been designed by the firm’s Newman Design. This luxurious multi-story building overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ron Hershco - A renowned American real estate business owner

Ron Hershco is a major entrepreneur successful in many different fields. He is well-respected for undertaking a variety of different construction projects in the United States of America. Ron currently resides in Rhode Island with his family.

Ron is a real estate developer, whose prime focus is; urban development, high-rise condominium complexes, infrastructure and affordable housing for the city of New York. In 1992 Ron started his career in the real estate industry. After achieving success in this field, Ron went on to establish a company of his own in 1996.

Some of the most famous projects that his company has undertaken include; a condominium project called Meridian, which is a luxury housing building located in Long Beach. Another great project by his company is 306 Gold Street, a forty-story building in Brooklyn. More information from here