Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ron Hershco - A renowned American real estate business owner

Ron Hershco is a major entrepreneur successful in many different fields. He is well-respected for undertaking a variety of different construction projects in the United States of America. Ron currently resides in Rhode Island with his family.

Ron is a real estate developer, whose prime focus is; urban development, high-rise condominium complexes, infrastructure and affordable housing for the city of New York. In 1992 Ron started his career in the real estate industry. After achieving success in this field, Ron went on to establish a company of his own in 1996.

Some of the most famous projects that his company has undertaken include; a condominium project called Meridian, which is a luxury housing building located in Long Beach. Another great project by his company is 306 Gold Street, a forty-story building in Brooklyn. More information from here

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