Saturday, December 21, 2013

Brooklyn’s Ron Hershco has revolutionized the real-estate industry

Ron Hershco with his innovative and unique ideas has brought about lots of changes, to the real estate industry.

Throughout his career, Ron Hershco has overseen the development of several urban projects which include; large consortium complexes and affordable residential housing in New York.

Major building projects that clearly reveal Ron’s skills in his respective field include; 306 Gold Street which is a huge 40 story glass building and The Meridian, which is a contemporary building situated along the Long Beach boardwalk.

Renowned real estate tycoon, Ron Hershco is also an enthusiastic philanthropist. He donated a building for the Queens School Development. His work with the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, which is a charity founded by Russell Simmons to provide art education to youngsters, is commendable.

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